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What's the difference between Millennial, Generation X, and Baby Boomers?

What's the difference between Millennial, Generation X, and Baby Boomers?

Written by Laura Salemme
Situation Management Systems, Inc.

This topic is frequently discussed and often scrutinized by psychologists, teachers, and businesses alike. Some would argue that there are great differences between the generations and that this is a cause for underlying tension in the workplace. Others would argue that they do not fit the "typical" mold associated with the generation that they are placed based on their birth year. Yet some strongly identify with their generation and it's "us versus them; and they are the problem".

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Women Leaders:Stuck in the Middle

Women Leaders:
Stuck in the Middle

Written by Sherri Malouf
President of Situation Management Systems, Inc.
PhD Student, Fielding Graduate University

As societies and organizations are becoming increasingly aware of leadership opportunities and growth, many companies have come to recognize the importance of diverse leadership teams to increase productivity and overall income success. The question is how to develop these teams from analogous to highly varied representation?

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