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Positive Power and Influence®

Strong influencers fulfill their personal objectives while maintaining and nurturing important work relationships. That sounds simple, but in practice it can be extremely challenging. Many people achieve their influence objectives only at the expense of important relationships. Others habitually avoid challenging influence situations, at the expense of fulfilling their work goals.

Participants in the POSITIVE POWER AND INFLUENCE® Virtual Program develop influence style flexibility. They learn to diagnose and plan for each influence situation they encounter, then apply the influence style action plan that will be most effective.

Five Sessions - Positive Power and Influence® Virtual Program

Dates Times PPI Virtual Programs
February 8-12, 2021 Feb 8: 1 - 4:30PM (EST)
Feb 9: 1 - 4:00PM (EST)
Feb 10: 1 - 4:00PM (EST)
Feb 11: 1 - 4:00PM (EST)
Feb 12: 1 - 4:00PM (EST)
Registration Closed
April 26, 28, 30 & May 4,6, 2021 Apr 26: 1 - 4:30PM (EST)
Apr 28: 1 - 4:00PM (EST)
Apr 30: 1 - 4:00PM (EST)
May 4: 1 - 4:00PM (EST)
May 6: 1 - 4:00PM (EST)
Registration Closed
June 14-18, 2021 June 14: 1 - 4:30PM (EST)
June 15: 1 - 4:00PM (EST)
June 16: 1 - 4:00PM (EST)
June 17: 1 - 4:00PM (EST)
June 18: 1 - 4:00PM (EST)
Registration Closed
Sept 27- Oct 1, 2021 Sept 27: 1 - 4:30PM (EST)
Sept 28: 1 - 4:00PM (EST)
Sept 29: 1 - 4:00PM (EST)
Sept 30: 1 - 4:00PM (EST)
Oct 1: 1 - 4:00PM (EST)

To enroll now by phone call 603.897.1200 ext.0 to reserve your seat today!

virtual Program - POSITIVE POWER AND INFLUENCE® IN Spanish

To enroll by phone call 1 (786) 216-8432 to reserve your seat today!

Dates Times Contact
TBD 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM (EST) Tony Medina

Negotiation Strategy and Tactics

Price. Priorities. Schedules. Resource allocation.... Many everyday decisions are subject to negotiation. Yet for most people, negotiation is not easy. Natural-born negotiators are rare. And few people consciously develop a consistently effective approach to negotiation on their own. This deficit in negotiation skills leads to personal frustration as well as incalculable losses in opportunity, efficiency, and productivity. Negotiation Strategy and Tactics provides a proven negotiating process and corresponding skills anyone can apply to consistently achieve definitive agreements, strengthen work relationships, avoid nonproductive conflicts, and make more efficient use of that most precious of resources...time.

Three Sessions - Negotiation Strategy and tactics Virtual Program

Dates Times NST Virtual Programs

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To enroll now by phone call 603.897.1200 ext.0 to reserve your seat today!

2021 OEP Virtual Program Tuition

  • $2,195
    Five Session Virtual Programs

Cancellation Policy

  • • 50% of the Tuition Fee: Cancellation of Program enrollment 21 to 40 calendar days prior to the Program start date.
  • • 100% of the Tuition Fee: Cancellation of Program enrollment 20 calendar days or less prior to the Program start date.

    The Cancellation Fee will be waived if a substitute is sent.

Transfer Policy

  • An enrollee may transfer into an alternate Program, without penalty, 30 calendar days or more prior to the Program start date.
  • Transfer into an alternate Program less than 30 calendar days prior to the Program start date will incur a $500 penalty.

    (If enrollment to the transferred program is cancelled by enrollee, a Cancellation Fee will apply, and will be based on initial Program enrollment. The transfer date to the alternate Program will be deemed as the cancellation date.)

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