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PPIP Trainers getting certified.

Trainer Certification

Our Trainer Certification process supports organizations who want to develop the internal capability to deliver our programs directly within the organization.

There are various levels of certification depending on your internal development needs...and the expected results of internal program implementation. One of the most verbalized benefits of Internal Certification is that Certified Trainers from within the organization have an internal knowledge of the culture of an organization that helps to support customized solutions...and success!

Trainer Certification Process

Situation Management Systems, Inc. supports customers who want to develop the capability internally to deliver our programs. Our expectation does not differ from that of any other world-class training organization. We establish certification standards to protect our global reputation, the reputation of the Licensees who represent us, and the reputation of the entire family of existing SMS Certified Trainers. Equally important, these standards for trainer development and certification protect our clients and the many individuals who participate in our programs.

Step 2: Attend PPI as an Observer of a Certified Trainer

Step 2

Typically, SMS will have received your application for becoming a Certified PPI trainer after your completion of Step 1. At that point, SMS will provide you with your copy of the PPI Guide to Trainer Tasks.

The Guide includes a session-by-session description of the criteria for effective conduct of the Program, as detailed in the current PPI Trainer Manual. We encourage you to observe the Certified Trainer who conducts the Program you are observing. As you watch how the trainer manages each session, you might wish to take some personal notes how the criteria for the session are met.

Please do not use these notes to provide feedback to the Certified Trainer about how the workshop was conducted. However, you should feel free to ask any questions of the trainer off-line (that is, when the trainer has time available), that will help you clarify any of the items in the Guide.

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Step 3: Attend an SMS-led PPI Trainer Seminar

Step 3

As part of your preparation for the Trainer Seminar, you will be asked to use the Guide to Trainer Tasks to assess your comfort and readiness to conduct each session of the Program. This activity will help you focus on those Program sessions that you have the most questions about, so that your work during the Trainer Seminar will be most useful to you.

At the end of the Trainer Seminar, you will be asked to reassess your comfort and readiness for each of the sessions of the Program. A candid and searching evaluation will lead you to identifying those sessions you need to work on during Step 4: Co-Training.

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Step 4: Co-train PPI with a Certified Trainer

Step 4

Use your Guide to Trainer Tasks to identify, prepare for, and conduct the sessions of the Program you most need to work on. In advance of each Program you co-train, seek support and guidance from the SMS Master Trainer you worked with in Step 3, and from your Certifying Trainer if you already know who that will be. During each Program you co-train, seek support, advice, and feedback from the Certified Trainer you’re working with.

After each co-training experience, update your Guide to Trainer Tasks. Track carefully your comfort and readiness for each session of the Program. When you are ready to conduct a Program for Certification, inform SMS.

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Step 5: Train PPI with a Certifying Trainer observing you

Step 5

In advance of this event, your Certifying Trainer will contact you to discuss your assessment of your comfort and readiness. During the Program, the Certifying Trainer will complete a new Guide to Trainer Tasks to evaluate your readiness, and will use this information to authorize your Certification, or to recommend any additional steps necessary to achieve Certification.

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Certifying Trainers and Master Trainer

Certifying Trainers

A Certifying Trainer is “authorized” to certify (accredit) Trainer Candidates - Step Five of the certification process, when the Trainer Candidate’s performance from the platform reaches the appropriate level of effectiveness.

Criteria | An SMS Certifying Trainer:
  • Has experience in delivering programs in multiple venues.
  • Has worked with other trainers, delivering SMS programs in co-training as well as coaching Trainer development.
  • Is committed to spend the time necessary to work with an SMS Master Trainer to assist in the delivery of a formal SMS Trainer Seminar.
  • Has in depth understanding of the 5-Step Certification Process.

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Situation Management Systems provides on-site programs, consulting services, public workshops, and trainer certification options. Founded in 1976, we currently work with clients in 40 countries and in 15 languages.

Master Trainer

An SMS “Master Trainer” is the only person authorized to conduct an SMS Trainer Seminar-Step Three of the SMS Trainer Certification Process. Participation in an SMS Trainer Seminar is REQUIRED for all Trainer Candidates in our certification process.

The Trainer Seminar is the cornerstone of our Trainer development process. It is conducted according to extremely rigorous standards and involves all upgrades to current versions of the SMS programs produced by SMS.

Criteria | An SMS Master Trainer
  • Has extensive experience in delivering the program in multiple venues, for a wide variety of client organizations.
  • Has worked with SMS Master Trainers to learn how to conduct an SMS Trainer Seminar and has co-trained the Trainer Seminar.
  • Has intricate knowledge of Trainer materials: including all cases, exercises, and exhibits, video, audiotapes, CDs and all participant materials.
  • Knows the Program's philosophy, nuances, options and constraints.
  • Is familiar with the issues concerning Program marketing, customization and tailoring from the platform.
  • Is highly skilled in providing feedback to other trainers and coaching to specific criteria.
Responsibilities | An SMS Master Trainer
  • Is available and willing to mentor Trainer Candidates.
  • Protects and advocates SMS's copyright and business interests.
  • Keeps SMS fully informed concerning the status of all Trainer Candidates who are in development.

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