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The Implicit Social Elements®

The Implicit Social Elements® are the fundamental building blocks of all relationships and several products/services featuring them have been created. They can be used to measure the quality of the leader-follower relationship, they can statistically help organizations discover their leverage points for changing their culture, and individual leaders can use them to discover how to build stronger relationships with their direct reports. Leaders and followers can be trained to understand how the Implicit Social Elements® affect their relationships and what they can do to improve those relationships. This free webinar will educate, train and guide both leaders and followers to understand these critical principles in relationship building.
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The Implicit Social Elements® Organizational Assessment Tool
This tool is administered like an employee engagement tool. It involves 21 validated scenarios and 7 relationship questions and takes 10 minutes to complete. Participants fill it out as either a leader or a follower. The data goes through a statistical test and the organization will receive a grade for the leader-follower relationship. The organization will also find out which of the Implicit Social Elements correlate with that grade.

The Implicit Social Elements® Organizational Consulting
We offer organizational consulting to assist organization in developing their culture to create stronger leader-follower relationships based on their results.

The Implicit Social Elements® Training Program
The Positive Power and Influence Program is a prerequisite to attending this program as all changes in relationships are done through influencing. The Implicit Social Elements Program teaches what the elements are, how they impact relationships, and what participants can do to build stronger relationships.

The Implicit Social Elements® Book
Science and the Leader-Follower Relationship by Sherri Malouf, PhD with Wally Bock

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