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The Art and Neuroscience of Intuitive Selling

The Art and Neuroscience of Intuitive Selling teaches people how to use emotional intelligence, intuition, and influence to sell. They will learn how to identify the type of buyer they are selling to and adapt their approach based on the buyer’s preferred style.

More about The Art and Neuroscience of Intuitive Selling Program

Program Overview

Sales people are taught a generic process or strategy. Typical sales training programs teach participants how to identify prospects and develop their pipeline, make initial contact and ask questions to uncover needs, develop customer-focused solutions, prepare for and handle objections, and ultimately close the sale. What most programs do not teach people is the fact that their level of emotional self appraisal, regulation of emotion, use of intuition, combined with the influence styles is directly related to their success. Neuroscience guides us to a deeper understanding of ourselves and others.

Program Audience

THE ART AND NEUROSCIENCE OF INTUITIVE SELLING is appropriate for everyone who is in a selling position. This program may prove especially valuable for those who:

  • Need to improve their closing rate.
  • Are struggling to build sustainable relationships with buyers.
  • Are often frustrated by their own inability to handle objections effectively.
  • Feel frustrated when dealing with difficult buyers.
  • Can be overwhelmed by emotions such as; lack of confidence, anxiety, or other non-productive emotions.

Program Objectives

  • Use positive power and influence to meet objectives and develop deeper consultative relationships – being the trusted advisor.
  • Develop Influence Style Flexibility - become conscious of what you say and how, and become neutral about the Styles.
  • Understand how to recognize the behavioral patterns associated with different buyer styles and adapt own selling style.
  • Learn how to use the Situational Influence Model, the buyer styles, and the PPI Adaptive Sales Process as tools to improve sales results (i.e. client satisfaction, cross-selling, and retention).

Program Topics

  • Self Assessment: Influence Styles
  • Emotional Intelligence and Intuition
  • Connect the Dots - Buyer Patterns
  • Heed the Needs - Buyer Needs
  • Tell the Tale - Deal with Resistance
  • Seal the deal - close

The Art and Neuroscience of Intuitive Selling can be conducted internally using SMS certified trainers. Client organizations may also choose to conduct the program using internal facilitators trained and certified by our firm. Open enrollment sessions are also available.

The program is easily tailored. Your account manager will work with you to design a delivery schedule that best suits your needs.

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