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The ABC's of intergenerational respect

Surprisingly, there isn't much debate between the generations about how leaders should generate this sense of admiration.There are three key steps to take in order to cultivate respect across the board.

For starters, company leaders should look for ways to afford their employees new career opportunities. In fact, 68 percent of Millennials saw these possibilities for increased knowledge as a high priority, 62 percent of Gen Xers echoed this notion. Keep your eyes open for openings that can offer your staffers a chance to improve their skill set. You'll end up with an impressive staff that feels respected by you as a leader.

The next step involves a very basic task: listening. Regardless of age, employees want to feel like they are being heard. So, hear them out. Show that you are present in your conversations. Simply taking an employee's perspective into consideration can do wonders for feelings of respect.

The last way to generate respect among employees is to create incentives. While all generations agree on this as a method to cultivate respect, the types of incentives they care about differ. For Baby Boomers, bosses need to create incentives via money and inter-office promotions. Gen Xers look for opportunities to establish a comfortable work-life balance. Millennials have their eyes on career progression options. Whatever the method, make sure there are opportunities available to your staff members.

Respect is an important feeling to cultivate within your workplace. Be vocal about the gratitude you feel for the work your employees do day in and day out. Whether this manifests itself as offering up a new career workshop, keeping an open door policy to hear suggestions or simple incentives, showing respect for employees of all ages is the key to success in any office.


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