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Situation Management Systems, Inc. has provided us with an excellent service. They were thorough and professional in every aspect. Their program "Positive Power and Influence" was a very enlightening experience. The instructor has been a very knowledgeable coach and mentor to all our attendees. We are very satisfied with their work and we would look forward to working with them again.

Client, Boston, MA
PGlobal Organizational Learning and Development
Gillette BU, Procter & Gamble Company

I enjoyed the class and learning more about what it takes to be effective and successful at the task at hand.

The instructor relayed the materials effectively and readily answered any questions in any situation. She also kept the group focused on the material and learning objectives./p>

In-House Program

More than ten years after attending the influence and negotiation skills workshops myself, I was pleased to learn that SMS continues to offer these programs and continues to use only the very best instructors. Setting up these two in-house programs was easy with the help provided by SMS staffers. Post workshop surveys were uniformly enthusiastic about the curriculum, handouts and instructors. Participants continue to express their gratitude for having been chosen to attend.

Thanks again for your help in setting up the programs.

Craig A. Halverson

Vice President Regulatory Affairs
ZymoGenetics, Inc.

We’ve used Positive Power and Influence, Creating Results, and Influencing Change with great success here at NASA Glenn. People come out of the workshops with the ability to more profoundly impact the organizations and people they work with in order to get the results that are necessary to move the organization forward. I’ve taken the courses myself and I strongly recommend them to everyone I advise.

Jennifer Budd

Organization Development and Training Office
NASA Glenn Research Center

I think all people who have people management responsibilities should take the course. As a person who has managed up to 250 people at once, I think not only is the training outstanding, but the need to be evaluated by others and to see how you are perceived is extremely beneficial. Oftentimes managers do not know how their comments and actions affect their teams. I think a course like this could be very beneficial and productive for them.

John Sefko
IMS Americas Solution Sales Consumer Health
IMS Health

Given the nature of my team's responsibility, which is to act as an internal consultant tasked to improving our selling capabilities around the world, it is critical to customize our influencing style to each and every one of our customers. Customizing our approach to each person or region in the world significantly improved our ability to influence positive change.

Laurens Gerlings
Vice President, Global Customer Capabilities
The Hershey Company

My safety program has benefited immensely due to the things I learned in your [Creating Results] seminar. Following are some highlights of the achievements:

1. ½ Million Man-Hours and 588 days without a loss-time accident.
2. Silver significant Safety award for the largest increase of Safety score in a two year period.
3. OSHA recordables and Workers Compensation reduction.

Chuck K.

Federal Mogul

The most valuable part [of the program] was practicing how to apply the tools to “real-life” situations, and digging deep into the behaviors. Sherri was amazing. I feel a deep understanding from her that’s really effective when trying to analyze behaviors and situations. This would be a great class for people that consistently use logic/reasoning for managing and working with others.

Guive B.

New Jersey
Positive Power and Influence® - Open Enrollment Participant

I'm having difficulty writing about how the Positive Power and Influence® Program (PPI) contributed to my attainment of a specific influence objective because the PPI program has pretty much contributed to every influence objective I've ever achieved. I attended the PPI program about thirty years ago. I was a young IT geek just out of MIT, and one of the business people at my company recommended the program. He was absolutely right: I needed the program because I was stuck in a single view of the world based on my experience at MIT. I saw the world as a logical place, and I somehow assumed that the best way to persuade others was to make a logical argument. In hindsight, I was hopelessly naive, but it wasn't until I attended the PPI program that I came to that realization. Somehow the PPI program convinced me that I needed to consider other persuasion methods. It was a shock, but I recognized my issues, and I've built on those alternative persuasion techniques ever since. I went on to thirty years of success in IT, and last year I wrote a book, Boiling the It Frog, to share my success secrets with others. I've also become a bit of an evangelist for other IT people when I see them stuck in that same simplistic view of the world that I held in my pre-PPI days. People are all different -- we all know that -- but it took the PPI program to show me how important some difference are.

Harwell Thrasher
Author, speaker, and business advisor
Making IT Clear, Inc.

I don't feel like I've been practicing my influence technique. Maybe I am but I'm doing it at a subconscious level. I was surprised to find another use for the skills I learned in that class. When someone is trying to influence me, sometimes I can recognize the style they are using and it makes me appreciate the effort they are putting into it. I was surprised at how much it changed my attitude about resisting the influence. I did not expect that result. Somehow it made me more aware of the big picture and how I might be standing in the way of progress. So I welcomed the influence and did it "the other guy's way" and it had a positive outcome. In the past, I would have considered it a lost "battle" but I felt no such emotional attachment this time. I changed my direction based on my colleague's influence and I genuinely wanted his way to work. And it did!

Sorry for the long reply but I'm struck by how the influence training can benefit both sides of the relationship.

Senior Engineer
Positive Power and Influence® - Open Enrollment Participant

My Core Style Statement was to persuade our VP of Sales to provide a 90-day rolling forecast each month. I had constructed an action plan that included Attracting and Persuading; my strategy was to have a one-on-one meeting to convince him to provide the rolling forecast I needed to achieve the Company’s Profit/Loss goals for next fiscal year.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, the situation played out in a meeting with two other VPs rather than a one-on-one discussion. I followed my plan, however he resisted (strongly), citing that he didn’t have the time to generate the forecast I was requesting. Because I wasn’t making any headway, I chose to Disengage, planning to meet again in the next few days.

I actually thought it was a lost cause until the next morning when I received an e-mail from him stating that he had thought about it and decided to review the forecast on the 1st and 15th of each month, thus ensuring that a rolling forecast could be generated on a regular basis. I immediately agreed, even volunteering to help with the reports so he could focus on getting accurate information in the database.

So what did I learn from this Critical Influence Situation? First, having an action plan in place prior to the discussion was extremely helpful in giving me a sense of preparedness and readiness for unexpected twists and turns. Second, I learned that the influence can continue even after the formal discussions have ended.


Vice President, Engineering and Operations - Hi-Tech
Positive Power and Influence® - Open Enrollment Participant

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