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At Situation Management Systems, we have been working with Fortune 500 companies for over 40 years in the field of management and communication training.

Group Training Development

Our Communication and Management Development Programs

We provide line managers, human resource, training and OD professionals with many options.

Every line manager, human resource, training and OD professional knows how critical good communication skills are for the efficient running of a business. Yet there are so many management training programs available in communication, influence and negotiation. We believe that these are core management skills. At each level of management the communication challenges become more complex. The benefit of having a company like Situation Management Systems is that we have in-depth experience in our specialized area of communication with regards to influence and negotiation.

Our Programs include:

Positive Power and Influence®

Participants in the POSITIVE POWER AND INFLUENCE® Program develop influence style flexibility. They learn to diagnose each influence situation they encounter, and then apply the influence style that will be most effective. Read more...

Creating Results

Participants in Creating Results increase their effectiveness to implement ideas and create desired results in constantly changing environments. Read more...

Influencing Change

Influencing Change addresses the barriers which arise after new ideas have been generated. Read more...

Leading People for Successful Projects™

Leading People for Successful Projects™ develops organizational savvy and leadership skills project leaders need to complete projects on time and within budget. Read more...

Positive Negotiation

The Positive Negotiation Program provides individuals with the knowledge and skills they need to confront differences, manage conflict, and reach lasting agreement. Read more...

Negotiation Strategy and Tactics

Negotiation Strategy and Tactics prepares participants to reach quality working agreements via a consistently effective process of negotiation. Read more...

Leading Through Adversity

Participants in the Leading Through Adversity Program will master “principled conflict management” – a process that transforms disruptive disputes into powerfully productive interactions. Read more...

The Art and Neuroscience of Intuitive Selling

Sales people are taught a generic process or strategy. Typical sales training programs teach participants how to identify prospects and develop their pipeline, make initial contact and ask questions to uncover needs, develop customer-focused solutions, prepare for and handle objections, and ultimately close the sale. What most programs do not teach people is the fact that their level of emotional self appraisal, regulation of emotion, use of intuition, combined with the influence styles is directly related to their success. Read more...

Some General Examples of Client Customization

Industry-specific Examples

These are just a few examples of how SMS has applied its expertise to solve industry-specific business problems. These are just a sampling of industries that SMS has worked with over the last 20 years. If you don't see your industry here, check back. We are adding them as they become available.

Our Experience in the:
  • Consumer Products Industry
  • Financial Services Industry
  • Information Technology
  • Insurance Industry
  • Oil and Gas Industry
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Telecommunications Industry
  • Utilities Industry

For further information on how we can help your organization, please contact us.

Situation Management Systems provides on-site programs, consulting services, public workshops, and trainer certification options. Founded in 1976, we currently work with clients in 40 countries and in 15 languages.

Consumer Products Industry

Consumer products companies have come under tremendous pressure from intense competition and consolidation within the industry. Consumers have forsaken brand loyalty for lower prices, and the buying public has become more diverse ethnically and economically. Companies that are able to respond quickly with better value products and competitive prices will succeed in the marketplace. SMS has worked with many consumer products companies to provide the skills that managers and professionals need to excel in this dynamic environment.

Examples of work we have done:
  • Trained a national sales force to respond to price pressure from generic brands by negotiating higher volume, lower price agreements with key customers while protecting margins.
  • Delivered a core leadership course worldwide for managers of a consumer products conglomerate.
  • Customized programs in influence skills and negotiation strategy to help two major food services companies establish productive relationships with their franchisees.
  • Delivered Spanish language programs in influence skills for the Central American managers of a processed foods company.
  • Implemented custom designed negotiation training for the advertising department of a major consumer products firm which helped the firm secure better agreements with external advertising agencies and publishing firms.

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Financial Services Industry

Today’s financial services professionals face a variety of pressures. Heated competition, mergers, restructuring, and diminished resources are just a few of the elements creating big challenges inside financial institutions. What skills do financial services professionals need to be effective in this environment? The ability to sell and negotiate is crucial if an institution is to remain both profitable and competitive. Also important is the ability to promote and implement new systems and processes while managing the inevitable resistance to change. And as resources become more scarce, banking professionals must learn to influence and negotiate with others to get what they want. SMS has worked with dozens of financial institutions to provide the skills that managers and professionals need to excel, not just survive, in their rapidly changing roles.

Examples of work we have done:
  • We worked with the commercial banking relationship managers in one of North America’s largest financial institutions to develop the selling skills to grow new business opportunities while strengthening existing relationships.
  • We worked with the senior management in the retail banking division of a large eastern bank to develop the interpersonal skills needed to provide leadership and motivation in a competitive environment.
  • We trained the staff members in the audit division of a New York financial institution to develop the skills needed to resolve conflicts and work collaboratively with their client organizations.
  • One of the largest banking organizations in the U.S. has turned to us to train management associates in the influence skills needed for future career development and to enhance their success in current rotational assignments.

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Information Technology

Today’s I.T. professionals are partners, consultants, and strategists—not just technologists. They must provide business solutions as well as technical solutions, feel as comfortable with people as they do with technology, and be as adept at consulting as they are at computing. Downsizing of resources and the constant introduction of new systems call for I.T. professionals with a wider set of skills, broader responsibilities, and increased flexibility. What skills do I.T. professionals need to be effective? As resources diminish while the demand for information increases, I.T. professionals constantly have to influence and negotiate with others. Listening to and identifying needs is key to client satisfaction. Developing a vision based on shared goals is vital to gaining commitment. Managing expectations, promoting ideas, and negotiating high-quality agreements when conflicting interests prevail are all emerging as key I.T. skills. SMS provides the skills I.T. professionals need to excel, not just survive, in their rapidly changing roles. Hundreds of I.T. professionals have attended our programs in influence, consulting, negotiation, innovation, and project management over the past few years.

Examples of work we have done:
  • Our POSITIVE POWER AND INFLUENCE® Program has helped I.T. professionals in a major snack foods company implement a partnership approach with internal clients.
  • A large mid-western insurance company uses our Positive Negotiation Program to teach its I.T. staff how to resolve conflicts over resources and priorities and how to reach quality agreements with internal stakeholders.
  • Our POSITIVE POWER AND INFLUENCE® Program is a core communications course for the I.T. professionals in one of North America’s largest banking organizations.
  • We developed a customized influence program for a large I.T. consulting firm to help its consultants build stronger client relationships.

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Insurance Industry

The insurance industry has experienced significant change over the past ten years, which has made the pressure to perform greater than ever. Government regulations, increased competition, and more demanding consumers are just some of the pressures facing the modern insurance firm. In addition, companies have instituted a variety of reengineering and downsizing initiatives, creating increased internal conflicts as managers compete for limited resources. SMS has worked with dozens of insurance organizations to provide the skills that individuals need to excel, not just survive, in this difficult environment.

Examples of work we have done:
  • Trained the information systems staff of a large Midwestern insurance company to reduce conflict and reach quality agreements with internal stakeholders through the use of negotiation skills.
  • Developed a cadre of sales trainers to deliver a customized sales negotiation program to the entire field sales force selling managed healthcare services.
  • Offer our influence and negotiation skills programs as part of an ongoing leadership development curriculum of a major insurance firm whose managers come from property and casualty, healthcare, international, and staff divisions.
  • Trained a company’s legal auditing staff, comprised of auditors and attorneys, to adopt a negotiation framework to help them reduce legal expenses and obtain additional value from law firms with whom they work.

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Oil and Gas Industry

The oil and gas industry has experienced significant change over the past ten years. These changes include increased regulatory scrutiny, wide swings in the price of crude oil, more complex minerals ownership arrangements, increased competition, slimmer profit margins, rapid development of new exploration technologies, and the need to negotiate more complex agreements on sharing of technology and production efforts. In addition, companies have instituted a variety of quality, reengineering, and downsizing initiatives, making the pressure to perform greater than ever. SMS has worked with dozens of oil and gas companies to provide the skills that managers and professionals need to excel, not just survive, in this difficult environment.

Examples of work we have done:
  • We work with several companies to improve the negotiation skills of those individuals involved in critical right of way/land acquisition/land development transactions.
  • We have customized influence and negotiation skills programs to help business managers work more effectively with distributors and independent station operators, building skills in reaching win-win agreements and overcoming field resistance to marketing initiatives driven by the organization.
  • We work with the middle management and engineering staffs of one of the world’s largest oil companies to enhance their skills at promoting and implementing new systems and processes while managing the inevitable resistance to change.

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Pharmaceutical Industry

Over the past decade, pharmaceutical companies have faced an ever-changing, competitive business environment. Increasing demand for innovation, pressure to bring products to the marketplace at a faster pace, and the intricacies of formulating new agreements within managed care environments have required that organizations adapt and develop new approaches. Companies have responded by creating more team-based organizations, developing strategic alignments, executing global strategies, and demanding that people work together and collaborate in new and different ways. SMS has worked with dozens of pharmaceutical companies to provide the skills that managers and professionals need to excel in this dynamic environment.

Examples of work we have done:
  • Designed and delivered advanced negotiation training for area business managers and account management teams who handle national and managed care accounts to foster better customer agreements and direct internal resources to support those agreements.
  • Provided customized training domestically and internationally to Clinical Research Associates to enhance their influence effectiveness when dealing with home office personnel and with clinical field staff conducting drug trials.
  • Worked with product managers to help them develop and implement strategies to gain support for their ideas for new products and services.
  • Tailored negotiation workshops in Spanish and Portuguese for Key Account Managers throughout Latin America as part of a global sales strategy initiative.
  • Worked with a market analytic group and various regulatory groups to develop and enhance their influence and negotiation capabilities.
  • Implemented influence and negotiation skills training for the Pharmaceuticals, R&D, Clinical Laboratories, and Consumer Products divisions as part of a shared services curriculum to enhance quality and ensure a consistent approach while reducing expenses.
  • Trained regional Medical and Oncology Associates in influence skills to support their interactions with physicians, hospitals, and sales representatives.

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Telecommunications Industry

A recent survey concluded that the greatest challenges facing the telecommunications industry include increased competition, global markets, the rapid development of new technologies, the increasing demands and expectations of customers, and workers whose leadership abilities do not match their technical competence. SMS has worked with many telecommunications companies to provide the skills that managers and professionals need to excel in this dynamic environment.

Examples of work we have done:
  • Worked with a manufacturer of transmission and networking systems to help their professional staff develop the influence skills needed to manage projects and build interdepartmental relationships.
  • Served as the outsourcing firm responsible for design, delivery, site selection and participant registration for a course to develop the behavioral skills necessary to support a large scale cultural change.
  • Following a merger, conducted influence skills training to help employees be more effective with customers and co-workers while performing new tasks.
  • Adapted our negotiation skills program to train a highly experienced sales force to reach more profitable agreements on its satellite tracking systems.
  • Used our influence skills program to help one of the larger regional telephone companies transition from a regulated to an entrepreneurial culture.

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Utilities Industry

Utilities are facing enormous changes as the realities of deregulation set in. Low cost competition puts pressure on high cost plants. Markets are becoming national and even global. Provider functions are being unbundled, and mergers and alliances often become necessary for survival. New power technologies and expanded services must coexist with rate reductions, and the operative philosophy is “do more with less”. SMS has worked with many utilities to provide the skills that managers and professionals need to excel in this challenging environment.

Examples of work we have done:
  • Deliver a core leadership program on building business relationships for all the subsidiaries of an electrical power holding company.
  • Conduct influence skills training for two major utilities to enable managers to adapt to industry changes and provide leadership for the upcoming challenges.
  • Train managers of a large southwestern utility to negotiate better agreements with both internal and external constituents.
  • Conduct performance improvement workshops for a west coast utility to train the sales organization to think and act strategically when developing new and existing customers and markets.

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Some of Our Clients

What People Say

The most valuable part [of the program] was practicing how to apply the tools to “real- life” situations, and diggings deep into the behaviors. Sherri was amazing. I feel a deep understanding from her that’s really effective when trying to analyze behaviors and situations. This would be a great class for people that consistently use logic/ reasoning for managing and working with others.

Guive B.
New Jersey

Given the nature of my teams responsibility, which is to act as an internal consultant tasked to improving our selling capabilities around the world, it is critical to customize our influencing style to each and every one of our customers. Customizing our approach to each person or region in the world significantly improved our ability to influence positive change.

Laurens Gerlings
VP Global Customer Capabilities The Hershey Company

I think all people who have people management responsibilities should take the course. As a person who has managed up to 250 people at once, I think not only is the training outstanding, but the need to be evaluated by others and to see how you are perceived is extremely beneficial. Often time’s managers do not know how their comments and actions affect their teams.

John Sefko
IMS Americas Solution Sales Consumer Health IMS Health

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