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Influencing Change

Influencing Change addresses the barriers which arise after new ideas have been generated.

The program helps idea champions become more skillful and effective at the “positive politics” required to screen, promote, and implement ideas for new or improved products, processes, or systems. Individuals, and especially teams and intact work groups, emerge from the program better able to carry out change initiatives, which contribute to organizational goals.

More about Influencing Change

Program Audience

Influencing Change focuses on issues that are common to anyone who must guide an initiative or new idea through the obstacle course of organizational resistance. As a result, the program is helpful to people from a wide range of professional, functional, and organizational affiliations. Aspiring product or process innovators acquire the knowledge and skills they need to champion new ideas successfully. Work groups that must implement changes become more adept at assessing organizational risk and overcoming resistance. Managers acquire tools to help coach innovative employees or project teams responsible for implementing initiatives.

Program Objectives

  • Learn to communicate their ideas for change more successfully.
  • Identify stakeholders and develop strategies for gaining support.
  • Locate resources needed to ensure effective implementation.
  • Enhance the value of their ideas to the organization.
  • Learn to deal productively with resistance to change.
  • Develop a results-oriented plan for implementing an important change initiative.

Program Topics

  • Pre-Program Preparation.
  • The Effective Idea Champion’s Competencies.
  • Identifying and Influencing Stakeholders.
  • Communicating and Enhancing Your Ideas.
  • Influence Strategies for Overcoming Resistance.
  • How Idea Champions and Change Managers Handle Risk.
  • Application Planning: Advancing Your Initiative.

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