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Creating Results

Participants in Creating Results increase their effectiveness to implement ideas and create desired results in constantly changing environments.

More about Creating Results

What is the purpose of the program?

As organizations shift, individuals often feel powerless about how to make an impact on other people, departments, and teams. Yet there are individuals who move the business forward. They handle the barriers, find the resources, and build management support. They consistently get results for the benefit of the organization and themselves. People who are outstanding at getting things done are aware of the organizational politics and are good at getting others on board. They are empowered and empower others by managing themselves and staying focused on results and success.

Participants Create Results to:
  • Build organizational savvy to better understand what makes their organization “tick”.
  • Establish stronger partnerships.
  • Use influence skills to get “buy-in” for ideas and actions.
  • Increase personal strengths and reduce negative biases and habits.
  • Identify critical stakeholders and deal with resistance.
  • Build bridges between functional experts and management.

Who is the program for?

Creating Results is appropriate for individuals who need to improve their effectiveness in navigating their organization, using influence to establish partnerships, and managing themselves and others. This program may prove especially valuable for:

  • Program and Project Managers and functional experts who have important ideas or actions to implement through teams or across departments.
  • Individuals who need to build their ability to work within constantly shifting environments.
  • Technical people who need to manage and/or lead teams.
  • People who have attended other communication workshops and want to further enhance their capabilities.

What is in the program?

Creating Results flows through the three elements of the program, Organizational “Street Smarts”, Influencing Others, and Leading Yourself, to give participants ample opportunity to learn to work through challenging situations in terms of their organization, other people, and themselves. This is accomplished through role-plays, case studies, small and large group work, exercises, lecturettes, one-on-one trainer coaching, peer feedback, a/v feedback, and application to a real-life situation.

How is the program structured?
  • Self-Assessment
  • Organizational “Street Smarts”
  • Influencing Others
  • Leading Yourself
  • Application Planning

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