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Tired of feeling frustrated with people’s lack of action?...

Feel like it’s hard to build reliable relationships at work?...

Go home exhausted feeling like you didn’t get anything done?...

See people react negatively when you’re just trying to tell them your idea?...

Are you using a lot of energy and getting very little results?...

Feel like you have tried everything?


have you tried us?


Join a Positive Power and Influence® Program

Attaining more goals while building lasting relationships.

PPI®’s Situational Influence Model© (SIM©) was developed by leading human development experts and is the reference model for many leadership programs. In PPI® you will learn how to handle successfully lateral and upward, as well as downward influence situations, particularly where you do not have or are not willing to use positional power. You will understand the neuroscience behind how to influence effectively, and you will master the impact of your body language, tone of voice, and words. PPI® has been successfully delivered virtually since 2012.

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Participant Results:

100% believe they can achieve their influence goals

95% achieve their influence goals 30 days after PPI®

8/10 would recommend PPI® to others

97% agree virtual PPI® is worth the time investment

Results based on survey at the end of or after program.

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