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Our Latest News - February 2016

May The Force Be With You

A powerful article from our dear friend and colleague Tony Medina of Interaction XXI, Venezuela.

About Tony Medina:

Psychologist and magician. Director and Coach of InterAction XXI with 30 years of experience. Over 38 thousand hours of facilitation where he has trained 30 thousand participants in 17 countries. Organizational Development and Coaching Specialist. He is a certified trainer in Situation Management Systems' Positive Power and Influence® program. Certified facilitator in LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methodology.

Connect with him on LinkedIn at:


According to Yoda – Jedi Master – “our strength comes from our inner energy”.

If everything is forged within our inner selves — in psychological terms — then personal strength and power are nothing more than a combination of our intelligence and emotional resources.

Therefore, personal strength manifests itself through the way in which we behave toward and relate to others. It is our capacity to positively influence others in order to achieve a desired objective — no matter if the objective is as simple as trying to get my friends to watch the new Star Wars movie or as complex as getting my client to agree to give me more shelf space for my product.

So, if we apply this concept to our relationships in general, and even more to our job — questions such as the ones below may arise:

If I am an intelligent person and have a surplus of emotional resources, why is it sometimes difficult for me to achieve my objectives? Why do I always come home feeling destroyed? Why do I frequently have the feeling of having fought a battle throughout my working day? Why do I sometimes feel that, despite all the energy I invested, I have not made any progress during the day? Read the full article...

Our Positive Power and Influence® Program provides the tools to develop and increase personal power, in order to impact others more positively and influence them more effectively.


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Leadership lessons from Star Wars

Star Wars fan or not, you'd have to be living under a rock to avoid the buzz surrounding the latest movie. Turns out, the Star Wars saga is overflowing with great leadership lessons. We figured it was only fitting to take a page out of the epic movie series and examine the best business lessons these films have to offer.

Here is what we learned:


How to empower your employees

When it comes to employees, empowerment is your friend. There's a reason the topic is covered so much by leading business publications. A simple search for the word "empower" on the Forbes website brings up over 3,000 results. According to Entrepreneur contributor Gideon Kimbrell, empowerment is all about helping employees understand why they do the work they do. Read more...

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