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Situation Management Systems, Inc. (SMS) was founded in 1976 as an applied behavioral science firm. We are dedicated to the development and delivery of high-quality management and leadership development programs and services that result in sustainable behavior change. Our commitment is to provide training programs that help people and organizations achieve success by offering applicable real-life solutions for challenging real-life situations.

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As the original developers of the Positive Power and Influence® Program, our primary focus is Influence and how to use it to meet objectives while building and maintaining relationships. It is where we excel and where we focus our research. We not only teach influence as a foundational skill, but also demonstrate how it supports the implementation of other processes and strategies from a behavioral standpoint. SMS provides training in the subject areas of influence, negotiation, conflict resolution, sales effectiveness, and change management. SMS programs are currently offered in more than 40 countries and over 15 languages.

SMSidentifies critical problems faced by forward-looking organizations and devotes its resources to developing relevant training solutions. Our programs are tailored to meet current and future needs of individuals and the organizations they serve. Whether it is an off-the-shelf program for supervisors or a highly customized program for senior management, we are able to both meet and exceed customer expectations. After all, our business is people and relationships!

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Imagine the Cost of:

Leaders who force objectives and avoid relationships 85%

Direct reports who consistently resist any change the company makes 95%

Technical experts who prefer computers to people 98%

Colleagues who avoid talking to each other for six months 85%


Positive Power and Influence®

This management training and communication skills program teaches participants how to communicate with strength and purpose.

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Positive Negotiation

This management training and communication skills program teaches participants how to manage conflict and create agreements that last.

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Negotiation Strategy and Tactics

Negotiation Strategy and Tactics prepares participants to reach quality working agreements via a consistently effective process of negotiation.

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Influencing Change

The program helps idea champions become more skillful and effective at the "positive politics" required to screen, promote, and implement ideas for new or improved products, processes, or systems.

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Leading Through Adversity

Participants in the Leading Through Adversity Program will master “principled conflict management” – a process that transforms disruptive disputes into powerfully productive interactions.

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Creating Results

Participants in Creating Results increase their effectiveness to implement ideas and create desired results in constantly changing environments.

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  • October 17, 2017

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  • October 13, 2017

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What Clients Say

Client Testimonials

We’ve used Positive Power and Influence, Creating Results, and Influencing Change with great success here at NASA Glenn.

I think all people who have people management responsibilities should take the course.

John Sefko

IMS Health

People are all different -- we all know that -- but it took the PPI program to show me how important some differences are.

Harwell Thrasher

Making IT Clear, Inc.

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