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Results Through Relationships

Positive Power and Influence®

Attaining more goals while building lasting relationships.

PPI®’s Situational Influence Model© (SIM©) was developed by leading human development experts and is the reference model for many leadership programs. In PPI® you will learn how to handle successfully lateral and upward, as well as downward influence situations, particularly where you do not have or are not willing to use positional power. You will understand the neuroscience behind how to influence effectively, and you will master the impact of your body language, tone of voice, and words. PPI® has been successfully delivered virtually since 2012.

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Participant Results:

100% believe they can achieve their influence goals

95% achieve their influence goals 30 days after PPI®

8/10 would recommend PPI® to others

97% agree virtual PPI® is worth the time investment

Results based on survey at the end of or after program.


An individual who wishes to achieve more through people while building strong, long-term relationships

A person experiencing cultural, diversity, or positional biases and beliefs that are limiting his/her impact

Someone in a complex environment e.g. global or cross-cultural teams; a matrixed organization; with a general resistance to change

-Mutual Recognition Respect

THE LEADER-FOLLOWER RELATIONSHIP SURVEY – On-line organizational survey which grades the Leader-Follower Relationship against each of The Implicit Social Elements®.

CULTURE CHANGE CONSULTING – Expertise to embrace the ISE® and quickly improve the culture and relationships in your organization.

PPI® & ISE® – Positive Power and Influence® is tailored to make rapid shifts in ISE® grades within your organization.

the 'change' behavior builds strong relationships

Make 'change' a habitual behavior for everyone in your organization.

With the need for continuous agility to address today’s uncertainty, all of your team members must embrace habitual change. Any resistance will weaken your organization’s ability to respond quickly. This ‘Change’ behavior should be as natural and feel as satisfying as achieving goals or recognizing good people. Our programs and mentors advise organizations on creating a grassroots culture that fosters creativity, self-sufficiency, agility, and risk-taking, while cultivating individual values and building strong relationships. We guide you to remove barriers, empower people, and increase your competitiveness.

Change Behavior

The way in which one acts or conducts oneself, especially toward others:

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